(Abandoned) Volvo S60 MP3 Player


Project Members

What is needed

  1. HU-603 pinout for CD/MD/TV/RTI control.
    Yes, audio from all these modules are controlled though one connector.
    Picture from backside and frontside of radio.
    The radio is manufactured by Mitsubishi.
  2. CD Changer Control Protocol.
    The bus and the protocol is refered to as the MEL-bus. MEL is short for Mitsubishi Electronics. The MEL bus may be using something similar to the protocols described at cdc info.
  3. A suitable computer that can control and read a hard drive.
    Right now I bought a mp3 player from pjrc, which is based on the STA013 from ST.

Other candidates:

ETRAX developement board

PC computer

Yet another MP3 player